Michael Ivan Skye regrets that without a personal relationship with him or his close associates, he is not available to:

  • Consider business opportunities
  • Participate in joint ventures
  • Contribute to books or periodicals
  • Deliver lectures
  • Address meetings
  • Make after-dinner speeches
  • Deliver consulting services

Mr. Skye is not currently available to under any circumstances to:

  • Make endorsements of any kind
  • Receive unknown persons who have no apparent relationship or business with him.

If you have a question or suggestion about this web site or its contents, you are invited to leave a comment below. Please be advised, however, that this is not a forum to communicate with Mr. Skye directly, and he may not ever receive, read or reply to form submissions for various reasons.  The best way to come into contact with Michael is through relationships. Thank you.

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