Michael’s primary passion is developing himself as a man, and as a facilitator and trainer of leaders, entrepreneurs and other visionaries.  His body of work has evolved as a result of this passion to develop himself.

Michael is most inspired to apply his work to the challenges of visionaries facing crises that require courage, vision, wisdom and skills beyond what they’ve learned from their previous education and life experience.  Four of his public projects are listed below:

Support For Mothers Facing Marriage and Family Crisis – For the last two years, Michael’s primary focus has been supporting mothers facing the incredibly difficult crises brought on by the conflicts and complications of divorce.  Michael’s work with women is primarily delivered one-on-one over the phone, but also includes co-facilitating women-only retreats and authorship of two forthcoming books and multi-media programs.

VisionForce - For the Rising Visionaries and Inspired Revolutionaries.”  Michael’s VisionForce work has taken him beyond North America to Africa, Australia and South America.  His VisionForce offerings include the VisionForce Boot Camp (an intensive training for Rising Visionaries and Visionary Entrepreneurs), Visionary MindShifts (a free online course), Visionary Mind 8-Week Home Study Program(An 8-week multi-media home study program), and more (see the Programs page).

StandWithHonor - For War Resisters, Other Soldiers of Conscience and Those Who Stand With Them. Michael’s work with this project includes supporting Soldier of Conscience, Thad Crouch in his efforts to support other Soldiers of Conscience; presenting at the IVAW conference and the National Assembly to Honor Freedom of Conscience; and preparing a potential sacred honor ceremony for Soldiers of Conscience.

Honor Window- A Powerful Tool For Transforming Your Relationships, Yourself and Your WorldMichael is in the process of making his Honor Window process available to the world through HonorWindow.com. The site hosts audios, videos, PDF workbooks and other information related to this process.