The Honor Window: A Tool for Seeing Through the Walls of Our Judgments and Speaking to the Heart of Another
(A 1-3 Hour Evening or Lunch Presentation with Michael Skye)

Business success in the 21st century requires organizational cultures that encourage and experience increasing levels of trust, transparency and authenticity. Because work is, at its core, a fundamental human endeavor, leaders need to master tools that empower and sustain high-powered relationships. Yet, most of us live in cultures, both at home and at work, that are full of criticism and judgment. We perceive criticism, we anticipate judgment and we beat ourselves up before others can make us wrong. We all naturally and reflexively create walls of judgment when faced with the negativity of criticism.

Come join us as Michael Skye, founder of VisionForce walks us through “The Honor Window”, a tool that brings down our walls of judgment and defense so that people can feel truly seen and honored. As Michael demonstrates this simple yet powerful relationship tool, you can learn how to:
- Breakdown the walls that create distance between you and your co- workers, your family and other important relationships.
- Shift from judgment to extreme compassion with anyone, instantly.
- Transform a good relationship into a powerful alliance.
- Turn your critics into allies.

Please join us for this stimulating and transformational experience. Michael Skye works with a new breed of impassioned change agents, entrepreneurs and visionary leaders from around the world who are standing boldly for a world that works for all of us.