Through VisionForce, Michael delivers retreats, boot camps and sacred honor ceremonies for Visionaries, all based on a common structure and methodology that he calls iStand.

Originating as a 3-day intensive, transformational leadership training 7 years ago, iStand most commonly exists today in the form of a sacred honor ceremony lasting 5-7 days.

Regardless of how it is packaged, an iStand invites you into 1) experiencing the natural authority and wisdom of your heart, 2) seeing and feeling the bold vision of your heart, and 3) realizing your glorious nature and power as a sovereign, visionary being.

The sacred context we hold for you provides a uniquely powerful learning environment, inside of which you become skillful with iStand’s revolutionary methods for 1) transcending the inner barriers that keep us separate, and 2) living with sacred honor in relationship with yourself and others.

Upon emerging from your Ceremony, you can expect to find yourself stepping boldly into your heart’s deepest vision, giving your greatest gifts in your world.