This workshop is offered in a sacred context, where each person dedicates their time for the two or three day workshop/retreat to a loved one. This is a beautiful introduction to the power of Michael’s Honor Window work.

The following is from an invitation to a recent To Honor A Loved One weekend retreat:

What does it mean to Love? And to Live?

How can we call upon our deepest love as a source of courage and wisdom even in times of crisis, conflict and suffering?

You are invited to join a circle of people who desire to explore new dimensions of deep Loving and Living. Together, we intend to journey beyond our personal barriers to Loving and Living with deep trust and reverence for our wisdom within.

You are invited to choose one person in your life to whom you will be focusing on throughout the duration of this gathering. Your mother, your father, your son, your daughter, your sister, your brother, your husband, your wife—someone with whom you have been deeply connected in life, and with whom you’d like to connect with much more deeply.

You are invited to come in the spirit of giving your time, your energy and your love to this one person. Giving, not from expectation or obligation. Giving as an act of trusting and loving.

You are invited to open to feel the depth of your love throughout the weekend. You are invited to welcome and embrace the full range of your experience.

You are invited to come in the spirit of participating in a sacred gathering in a spirit of openness, emptiness and contribution—ready to give, to connect and to receive.

You are invited to come ready to listen to the authority your heart and your body, trusting and honoring the wisdom that resides within.

Offering this gathering is Michael Skye, who comes to us from Austin, Texas. Michael desires to share and to connect with those who are willing to live and move in this world with Trust, with Love and with Honor for Self, for Other and for Our World.

For the past nine years, Michael has been offering sacred honor ceremonies and visionary leadership trainings around the world for people who are ready to “be the change in our world,” as Gandhi challenged us. Most recently, Michael has been supporting mothers facing divorce and family crisis, and soldiers who have chosen to take a stand for peace and fight no more.

Michael is traveling the world sharing his Honor Window work, and this gathering provides a deep experience of applying the Honor Window to profoundly honor and connect with a loved one.