Initially I found the VisionForce Boot Camp via an ad on Google, and although I “usually” ignore them, something about this intrigued me. As I read the information on VisionForce’s site, I moved from intrigued, to interested and ultimately to excited AND knowing that I was meant to be at the next VisionForce Boot Camp. When I began to work through the application form, I understood why this was a requirement as it brought up many of my fears, anxieties and self-doubts. Now, if you knew me you would know that at this point I approached every new event or circumstance from this place (as a result of past programming which had become my way of being). Yet, through it all there was a determination to complete, which I’d like to think was the part of me that was simply sick and tired of being this way and was ready to leave it behind.

By the time I completed the application (several weeks and 12 pages later), I had a clear notion of the unique way that I was going to contribute to the world. I was certain that I knew what vision looked like, and was ready to work towards “birthing” mine. With only about a week to celebrate this deep knowing, the online portion of Boot Camp began. In one of the first weeks, Michael Skye presented what vision meant in the context of boot camp, and with it all that I KNEW about it was tossed out the window. (Little did I know this would be a precursor for much of the experience.). In the weeks to come these online connections would become more meaningful than I could have possibly anticipated. My fellow world travelers’ (which included the assistants and staff) would share more deeply, more openly than I had EVER done with others I had yet to meet. It is almost unexplainable how free we felt with one another, with almost an insatiable hunger to bond.

That closeness and caring would be the foundation for an “experience” that I AM deeply grateful for having been a part of AND from which I continue to receive. The “optional” 3-hour yoga orientation prior to the event was unlike anything I expected. It truly provided the basis from which to understand much of the “requirements” for Boot Camp. I was able to let go of many self-limiting beliefs about posture, what empowerment means, and (as a former teacher refers) when I use my voice and on what ground I stand. Throughout the entire event, I palpably felt Michael Skye and all of the assistants’ deep desire for each one of us to receive ALL that we came for. Like many of my co-travelers, I had been to many workshops/seminars prior to attending Michael Skye’s VisionForce Boot Camp but had not experienced a “teacher” or “mentor” SO dedicated to us, individually and collectively leaving feeling more empowered, and better able to claim who we are.

Perhaps this is the most notable change, prior to Boot Camp, I was not able to see myself as a visionary; as a result of fully being seen and heard through the exercises, this perception has shifted 180 degrees so that I now know that this IS who I am (and who you are, if you dare to play full out). The work on Sunday grounded the experience into my body AND provided practical applications for using the work going forward. In the initial weeks following my return, everyone with whom I interacted, from my massage therapist to my coach saw the impact of the change I had experienced. The excitement with which I live and approach others is contagious!

As it has now been almost 2 months since returning from Boot Camp, the fears and anxieties with which I entered the room at the outset were so minimized by the end of Boot Camp, that they no longer run my life. Whenever I find myself feeling this way, I remember commitments I made and draw on one of the tools from Boot Camp to re-center, and remember who I am and what is important. I have used the tools I learned with my family, friends, in professional relationships, etc. I literally cannot think of an area that it has not been useful to incorporate the tools. I look upon my time in Boot Camp as some of the singularly most important times I have spent in personal growth. This work is readily understandable, easily applicable, and profoundly transformative. I cannot recommend it highly enough!