I felt it was of strong importance for me to attend the iStand Experience, but I did not know how I was going to pay for it.  After a strange event occurred, I received the money I required, but my parents strongly disagreed with me using any of that money to pay for the iStand event.  But this was far more then just some personal growth event.  I knew in my heart it was my next step on my evolutionary path, and I knew enough to know the effects of my attendance in the iStand Experience would profoundly transform my relationship with myself and other and would ripple out and effect my family, my friends and my world around me.  So even in the face of feeling fear and being judged by my dad and some by my mom too, I stood for what I believed by vulnerably sharing with my parents why it felt important for me to attend and by attending the iStand Experience even though my dad still disapproved of my choice.

One of the times during the event when I felt confronted and triggered, I noticed I was acting in a particular was to be accepted by another person.  After facing and feeling intense emotions and painful expired beliefs, I realized all there was for me to do is fully accept and love myself at all times and TRUST I am Valuable.  This was and still is profound for me in my life.

I continue to use many of the tools I learned during my iStand Experience.  My relationship with myself is way more FUN and is becoming easier and easier.  I am more gentle, accepting and honoring of myself.  The dynamics and relationship I have with each of my family members has dramatically improved.  I have taken and continue to take specific actions to honor my father and have him feel respected and appreciated.  Most of my friendships are now deeper and richer too because we are evolutionary partners with each other and allies standing together for our highest good.

I am so grateful I followed my heart. Attending [Michael Skye's VisionForce] iStand Experience is one of the most profoundly effective transformational events I have experienced and all I learned and experienced continually has a positive impact in my life!