Vision Force broke through the glass ceiling that I had been tapping at for years!  Unlocking the tools necessary to walk with honor in every step of life.  Micheal Skye and his team provide the access to eliminate the walls of judgment and proceed forward recognizing everyone’s potential and seeing what they truly stand for.  In addition, this connection provided a team of visionaries for life to move forward in our collective stand for humanity!  I recommend this training for everyone in the world.

If we all live to these standards we begin to change the world instantly!  Through the bold actions taken immediately after attending I see the light at the end of the change and know that I am and will stand in the face of everything for humanity!  As a community leader in Hawaii, I will take these tools and utilize the resources to put sustainable models of economic development and incorporate the sacredness into the infrastructure of life.

Keith Kavisic
Kealakekua, HI